• Mike Mihalas, LCSW

Relaxation post

This is the first post in a series of posts related to self care, coping skills, and personal well being. Intentional acts of self kindness are an important part of psychological and emotional health. Experiencing an absence of positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors toward oneself can significantly contribute to depression, anxiety, and other problems. This exercise is intended to help practice clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts. Before watching the video take note of any emotions or tension you feel. When watching the below video keep your attention on your breath and sounds in the video. If your mind drifts to thoughts, acknowledge it, and bring your attention back to your breath and sounds of the video. After the video check back in with yourself and take note of any tension or emotions. The goal isn't to have changed your emotional or tension state, but it is to increase self-awareness and practice focusing your attention. More of these videos can be found here:

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